There are realizations about ourselves we all experience. They’re the kind that when we see them for the first time, our eyes spread wide with awe and our minds alight with surprise, having us exclaim that we “haven’t looked at it like that before”! I’m learning that those are the ones to treat with reverence.

A Timely Message from the Ashes

Acquaintances of mine lost their house to fire a few days ago. They’ve been kindly sharing their experience daily on a Facebook group. They’re a family of 9 (2 parents/7 children) and it’s been both sad and inspiring following their journey. Yesterday, with the smoke and heat having settled, they were finally able to walkContinue reading “A Timely Message from the Ashes”

Mothering Me SO That I May Mother My Children

Over the course of our 11 year homeschooling journey, I have shown up as different moms. I’ve been the mom I’m proud to be. The one who is fun, adventurous, creative and patient. I’ve been the one who does really cool things with her kids to foster learning. We’ve taped flashcards all over the houseContinue reading “Mothering Me SO That I May Mother My Children”

Address the Violence Within Us

No matter your stance on current world events the first two sentences in this video apply: “Address the violence within us. Address the violence within us.” Yes. I’m choosing to stop the war in my home. The war with my family, friends, & community. And, ultimately, the war within me. Wars like: my husband isContinue reading “Address the Violence Within Us”