Coaching and Facilitation


“Who would you be without the thought that happiness depends on someone else?”
Byron Katie





Who can benefit from a self-inquiry practice?

Anyone seeking to feel less stress and more joy in their lives.  Inquiry is ideally suited to those are ready to look at and discover the source of their pain and suffering and could benefit from support in exploring difficult emotions.

What is facilitation and coaching like with Debbie?

As a facilitator, Debbie is essentially a witness to your inner work.  Through a relationship based on trust and empowerment, facilitation supports you to identify and question thoughts that may be creating a barrier to a joy filled life.  As a client, you will be fully supported in going as deep as you feel comfortable.  You will not be given advice.  Instead you will not only be invited to notice you have all of the wisdom you need, you’ll be shown the road map to accessing it whenever you desire.

Debbie will assist you in identifying the thoughts that are behind your difficult emotions.  And then she’ll step you through a simple but profound inquiry method.  The Work of Byron Katie or Inquiry-Based Coaching™ are two approaches she uses.

In addition, if you’re interested in learning more about self-inquiry as a personal practice, Debbie can coach you in techniques on how to fine tune your skills.  She could also teach you how to facilitate others in inquiry.

Personal Coaching and Facilitation Sessions

Initial Consultation:  The initial consultation is two hours.  It’s designed to give you a thorough experience of inquiry.  You will leave the session with new insights about your life and yourself.  You will take away concrete, next steps that you can implement right away.

Follow-up Sessions:  Follow-up sessions are an hour long.  It would be ideal to set up two follow-up sessions within a month of your initial consultation so that you can be supported in deepening your understanding of the insights you found during the initial consultation.  You will also learn additional skills to sustain and develop your practice that lead to lasting uplifting change.

Workshops:  Debbie regularly facilitates workshop series that are centred around a particular theme.  For example, Yoga for the Mind which is a 6 week deep dive into the process of self-inquiry.  Saying an honest no, parenting, and relationships are examples of further themes.  Contact Debbie for future dates.

All sessions may be attended on the phone, Skype or in person.

Please contact Debbie Bridge  (780) 868-4499 or through Email to schedule a ½ hour complementary session to learn more about the various facilitation/coaching programs.

There are also “Pay What You Can” options.  Please let Debbie know if this is something in which you’re interested.  She’s happy to oblige.