My Journey

I love supporting others in discovering they are complete, worthy, and divinely sovereign.   It’s from this place that, I believe, all things are possible.

Knowing the value and worth that is every human’s sacred right works to connect me to my deep inner knowing.  This has the potential to uplift all aspects of life: robust and respectful communication skills, a soul-serving career, emotional intelligence, mental well-being, living-boundaries, and full-bodied self-acceptance to name a few.  More than achievements, these are expressions of an inner attunement to expanding self-value.  This attunement becomes like an unshakeable inner compass.  Something to which we all have access. 

Many of us, women especially, have been conditioned to disconnect from ourselves.  Instead of trusting ourselves, many of us look externally for answers.

For much of my life, I relied on the advice of friends or on the knowledge of self-help books to show me how to live my life.  From what clothes to buy, hair cuts to get, or how to parent my children, I sought out the experts.  Even when I thought I’d found an answer, I second guessed myself and was terrified of making a wrong or bad decision.  I hadn’t considered consulting the ultimate authority on my life…ME.  How could I? When I believed so strongly that there was something wrong with me? 

Friends could encourage me, strangers could praise me, mentors could uplift me…and none of it stuck for the long term.  Why?  Because I didn’t believe it.  Self-love practices and positive thinking affirmations could never penetrate until I dismantled the fundamental belief systems and inherent generational patterns that held me back.

Six years ago, I discovered self-inquiry when I attended The School for The Work of Byron Katie in Ojai, California.  That was the beginning of everything changing for me.  It was during that retreat that I learned that I was literally creating my own reality through my beliefs and imagination.

The Work of Byron Katie is a structured method of self-inquiry.  The process begins with identifying a thought or belief that is stressful and then questioning that thought using four specific questions.  You can find out more about the method at

I practiced and attended trainings in The Work in earnest for about three years.  I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned during that time.  In 2015, I met Tania Fierro, the founder of the Innerland Institute.  I began studying with her and later entered Inquiring Based Coaching (IBC) training with Tania and her husband, Pedro.  Through their mentorship my understanding of self-inquiry deepened.  I have since received my coaching certificate in IBC™.

Inquiry is more than a method to question stressful thinking; it’s an awareness practice. 

Self-inquiry can be found in many teachings throughout history.  For instance, the ancient meditative question, “Who am I?” found in Buddhist and Hindu practices is a deeply profound method of self-inquiry that explores the very nature of “I”.  Surrendering the need for a specific answer to “who am I” assists the individual in travelling to wide and unexplored areas of consciousness. 

As an Inquiry Based Coach™ and facilitator, I enjoy creating opportunities to share inquiry one-on-one and in groups.  I’m also a graduate of the Woman Unveiled School of Mysteries Apprenticeship program with Nathalie Jackson which blends empowerment curriculum with the ancient traditions of ceremony and ritual.  This powerful program allows participants to integrate learning on a deeply experiential level. 

Innerland and Women Unveiled have been so impactful that I invite both inquiry and ceremonial customs to inform my practice.  These sacred teachings have served me to meet individuals where they’re at and, together, we learn to overcome obstacles in order to discover fresh opportunities for growth and action in our lives.

Inquiry Based Coaching™ serves as a bridge to the expansiveness of our intuitive knowing.  Ceremony has the power to extend that “knowing” to a heart and soul centred celebration of being.   

Please, email me for more information.

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