Closing is Closing

“The greatest thing we can do is help someone know that they’re loved and capable of loving.” Mr. Rogers

This speaks to my heart so deeply. When I’m in one-on-one inquiry or in groups and someone finds forgiveness for themselves or someone else, there’s a look in their eyes of possibility. It’s like I’m witnessing their heart opening. Their eyes relax and I feel a movement closer to complete love – without barriers or conditions. A love that includes everything. Perceived wrong doings and betrayals. Differences. Anger and hurt. Annoying traits. Addictions. EVERYthing.

Cutting ourselves off from love, even in the name of righteous justification, has the same result. A closing of our hearts. When we close to one person – even if the whole world agreed we’re right to do it – we close our heart a little to everyone and, of course, to ourselves. That’s just how it works. Closing is closing. Opening our hearts is freedom. For us.

An open heart can include saying no and expressing pain. This is a relatively new lesson for me. Saying no doesn’t require closing.

Closing our hearts to someone doesn’t really do anything to the other person. But it does do something to us. It’s painful and takes so much energy. It’s not our natural state. We have to be holding onto painful stories in order to be closed. Even a little. It takes effort, actually. It’s exhausting. And you see the effects if, you pay attention. Tight shoulders. Low energy. Resentments. Depression. Compulsions to drink, smoke, eat, use drugs, over watching Netflix. Short tempers. Insecurities. Stress. ALL a result of closing our hearts. To others and to ourselves. And to Life or God.

Closing is closing.

And opening to RADICAL COMPLETE NO HOLDS BARRED LOVE is freedom. All hail Mr Rogers who was a pioneer in radical self love.

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