There are realizations about ourselves we all experience. They’re the kind that when we see them for the first time, our eyes spread wide with awe and our minds alight with surprise, having us exclaim that we “haven’t looked at it like that before”! I’m learning that those are the ones to treat with reverence.

I Am Enough Without My Smile

I Am Enough Without My Smile   My smile is like a shield sometimes. A shield to compliments, to thank you’s, to appreciation, to truth. My smile can be like a shield. It protects my vulnerability, insecurity, uncertainty, and awkwardness. My smile is a shield when I know no other way to get your approval.Continue reading “I Am Enough Without My Smile”

Mr Rogers – A Pioneer in Radical Self Love

“The greatest thing we can do is help someone know that they’re loved and capable of loving.” Mr Rogers This speaks to my heart so deeply. When I’m in one-on-one inquiry or in groups and someone finds forgiveness for themselves or someone else, there’s a look in their eyes of possibility. It’s like I’m witnessingContinue reading “Mr Rogers – A Pioneer in Radical Self Love”

Understanding is the Key

Healing begins with finding compassion for the person I am today. I’ve noticed the more compassion I find for whatever I decide is unforgivable about me today almost automatically causes me to have compassion for me in the past. And THAT causes me to have compassion for everyone around me. Automatically and with hardly anyContinue reading “Understanding is the Key”