Follow Up to My Near Miss ($3000 Fraud)

I’m sharing this story again because it’s important to spread the word.
And I have a slight follow-up…

As I wrote about in my previous post, it was the employees at Save-on Foods (a grocery store) who saved me. It took THREE of them to get me to stop and not purchase $3000 in gift cards because I was so certain on my mission (and confident that *I* would never get caught by fraud).

When the first two clerks kept saying “this sounds like fraud,” I promptly sluffed them off. I had my card laid on the counter to pay! The manager is the one that finally woke me up when he asked, “Have you actually spoken to your boss?” Yikes.

Here’s the follow up:
Today, I was at a different Save-on location and told my story to the clerk who was serving me. She was so happy for me and when I said it was the Save-on people who made all the difference, she told me a different version of the same story…
The other day a gentleman came in to buy cards and wouldn’t listen to her when she tried to warn him. He was so certain and, his case, he actually purchased the cards. The clerk said to me: a lot of people just don’t want to hear us when we try to warn them.

BTW, there’s no returning gift cards.

We’ve gotten so comfortable communicating via email and text that some of us (as in me) think of it the same as talking to someone. And it’s not!

Why don’t we (as in me) listen to the grocery clerks who are trying to help us?! Is it arrogance?

Some of us (yep, me again) don’t even listen to ourselves.

I had a little voice inside saying, “hmmm, this seems weird,” but I so quickly talked myself out of paying attention and came up with some kind of reason to not listen. How many other times in my life have I done that? A lot, I suspect.

AND, in an effort to be gracious to me, this person (the fraudster) attempted to take advantage of my kindness. I wanted to help my boss. Which I will continue to do. I’ll just be more cognizant of how I go about doing that in the future. 🙂

I’ll try to never get taken in by fraud again.

I say that knowing I’m still not immune. So, while I can’t guarantee I won’t fall for some scheme again, I will venture to listen to myself.

Knowing I will likely not listen again.

But perfection is not the goal here.
Connection is.

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