Flip It

I absolutely love looking at things in a radically different way.  I love when after seeing life one way for years, something (a conversation, event, etc) happens that causes me to see it completely differently.  It’s a mind blowing – mind growing – experience.  It’s invigorating.  And, conversely, it can be exhausting as years of […]

Willing to Fail

It’s that deep down, terrifying vulnerability that is at the heart of the stories I believe in life. Stories like, “he/she was rude to me”, “they shouldn’t talk to me like that”, “I need him/her to apologize”, “I want to be liked or approved of” and (one I use often), “they are being so inconsiderate!”. […]

Subservience…How Exquisitely Innocent

That word “subservient”…. When I wake up to one of my “stories” and reflect on the experience, “subservient” rightly encompasses my feeling. I can be subservient to my thoughts and beliefs.  I can be subservient to my self-inflicted pain, hurt, and suffering.  To my misonceptions.  I can be – oh so – subservient to my perceptions […]

What if I was perfect just as I am? Who would I be?

What if everything about you was perfect just the way it is…right now? What if you couldn’t possibly think that there was anything wrong with you…or that anything needed improving? What would life be like? How would you go about your day? When I believe that there’s something wrong with me I feel deep dissatisfaction […]