Inquiry Based Coaching

As many of you know, I’ve been immersing myself in the practice of Self-Inquiry for the past several years. It’s helped me deal with difficult emotions and find new perspectives on issues in my life. I’ve primarily been using a method called The Work of Byron Katie (commonly referred to as The Work).

The Work of Byron Katie is like check mate. It’s one of the most laser like methods of seeing what is really behind our stress and suffering.
It’s not the only way.

Inquiry Based Coaching developed by Innerland is one alternative.

Tania and Pedro have offered up opportunities through workshops, a study group, online sessions, and two delicious retreats to Mexico to learn how to hold my emotions with kindness and understanding. They’ve created a safe container to explore painful events in my life with space to allow me to accept responsibility and at the same time not shift into self blame and condemnation. And most of all…learn from them so that I can make tangible changes in my life.

And now they’ve developed a method of Self-Inquiry that is supportive and straight forward – Inquiry Based Coaching (IBC). And I love it! I can’t wait to share it with all those who are interested in experiencing considerably less stress inducing resistance and relaxing into acceptance of Life’s unfoldings.

I still love The Work and will continue with my personal practice as well as supporting others in theirs – IBC is simply another approach to the self questioning process that many of us love.

It’s my intention to offer workshops that will incorporate IBC soon and, in the meantime, Innerland offers online Intros – often for free. Check them out. AND/OR please feel free to message me. We can meet in person or on the phone, and I can introduce you to the process that has come to mean so much to me.

In addition, if you’re looking for a deeper dive with the support of highly experienced and knowledgeable practitioners, I recommend checking out Innerland Institute.

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