I Am Enough Without My Smile

I Am Enough Without My Smile



My smile is like a shield sometimes.
A shield to compliments, to thank you’s, to appreciation, to truth.

My smile can be like a shield.
It protects my vulnerability, insecurity, uncertainty, and awkwardness.

My smile is a shield when
I know no other way to get your approval. I use it as manipulation to warm your heart towards me.


My smile can be a shield and it can be a weapon. Just a
Niceness isn’t always nice.s your knee can’t help but kick out when your doctor checks your reflexes, I can’t help but smile when I see you come my way. Before I’ve even had a chance to check in with me. Or you. And so because you’ve been trained like I have, you reflexively smile in return. Probably not even knowing why you’re doing it. Except that it’s the nice thing to do.

When my smile is a shield it disconnects me…from me.

Can this moment be complete on its own? Can I allow it to be simply be me…looking at you. Taking you in with an open heart.

Am I enough without my smile?


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