Grateful for Inquiry

A lovely evening on the road.
This is mine and my husband, Adrian’s, second trip to and from Indiana picking up RV trailers to deliver to dealerships here in Alberta.
It’s a LOT of together time, I tell ya. Five days, 14 hrs per day, in the truck. And we’ve done that twice in the last 2 weeks.
I’m so grateful for the Work and self inquiry I’ve done because I can honestly say that I feel closer to Adrian than I have in years!
I don’t think we would’ve survived these trips without it. 
Before The Work of Byron Katie I held all kinds of beliefs about ways in which Adrian should be different. I was blind to my part. I had become shut down and closed off to the sensitive, impassioned soul that is my husband.
With every thought I questioned, my feelings were allowed an opportunity to warm. And in that warm place, I could be vulnerable and lay down my sword of righteousness. Collaboration and connection is now much more available to both of us.
And even when we did have inevitable scratchy moments (I said 14hrs in the truck, remember) we recovered much more quickly. Both able to admit our part.
What an experience. So grateful.

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