The Work of Byron Katie as Meditation – Love is the Power

with Tom Compton in Edmonton

Stress is a friend

To pay:
Send email transfer to
If you prefer to use credit card, email me and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Weekend (Thurs even, Fri- Sun) Rate:
Regular: $425
*Repeater: $375
*for those who’ve attended a workshop with Tom before.

Modified Weekend without Friday (Thurs evening, Sat-Sun) Rate:

Schedule for May 2-5:
Thurs 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri & Sat 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sun 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

In a home ten minutes from downtown Edmonton.
Address provided upon registration.

Limited to 20 participants.

What to expect:
The experience of the weekend will involve sitting in a group, meditation, listening to readings, group discussion, self-inquiry within the main group and in partners, and light movement to music (optional).
Everything is optional.  Participants always have the choice to opt out of anything that is uncomfortable AND they’re invited to step into discomfort.

For questions, contact Debbie Bridge:
Cel: 780-868-4499 (text or call)

The truth is that we’re not looking for self-improvement.
We’re looking for love.

The problem is that most of us are walking around with a concept of love in our minds that involves a lot of rules and expectations. A concept that has nothing to do with love. And it separates us from everyone.

Okay, so what IS love? It turns out that it’s so much more than rules and conditions and also so much less.

This upcoming workshop with Tom Compton won’t tell you what love is because we all have to find out for ourselves. But it can show you the way to love.

Imagine you’re lost in the woods of life. Every step feels like you’re heading deeper into the darkness. Heart racing. Palms sweating. Uncertainty. It almost feels like there’s no point in trying anymore. You can’t see if you’re making progress. You can’t see where you are.
Until…you glimpse a light ahead.
It’s in the distance but you can make it out clearly.
It’s warm and inviting.
Where is the light coming from, you wonder. Can you trust it?
Even in the doubt, something tells you the light is just for you. It’s yours.
Now you notice that the more you focus on it, the bigger, brighter, and warmer it grows. And, in fact, you notice something else strange. You feel that far off light…INSIDE of you. You can feel the warmth of that light in your heart, your throat, your arms and legs. It’s not “out there” at all. It’s coming through you. In fact, you realize that it’s always been there. You’d just forgotten.
That is your warmth.  Your connection to true and abiding love.

Once you’ve remembered and reconnected to it, no matter how lost or alone you feel, you know that all you have to do is remember the light. You do that by connecting to your heart.
By opening your heart.

How do you open your heart?
Tom uses his 20 plus years of skill in facilitation to point the way so that we can find our own answers. He guides us to see that we are worthy of full and complete love right now.

He reminds you that you have the key to everything inside.
He introduces you to that key – he introduces you to your Heart of Hearts.

Claim your spot today. We want this experience to be small and safe. So it’s limited seating.

Join us for this heart-opening weekend, when we will be using the simple yet powerful tool of ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ as well as sacred poetry, music, movement and group dynamics woven together to support us in honoring, seeing clearly, and stepping out of old paradigms that no longer serve us in loving Life as it unfolds.

Through ‘The Work’ as meditation we can begin to bring everything within ourselves, heaven and hell, dark and light, into the “light” of conscious awareness and finally begin to meet it all with love and understanding.

“Realizing that nothing has to be ‘swept under the rug,’ that everything can be faced and honestly looked at without running, hiding, or pretending – inside and outside of us – is the act of stepping into a friendly universe.”

–Tom Compton

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the process of ‘The Work’ with Tom, who has been working closely with Byron Katie for many years in his role of director of ‘The school for the Work’, and brings his own special flavor of heart, humility and humor to his workshops, which are deeply healing and transformative. Find out more about ‘The work of Byron Katie’ at Read more about Tom at http:

Tom’s Website:


Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be offered before April 19th, less a $50 processing fee per participant.

There won’t be refunds afterwards unless we’re able to fill your spot.

If there isn’t advance notice given of cancellation, if you don’t attend, or if you leave the workshop early, your payment is non-refundable.


Among the most powerful/wonderful experiences of my life. I loved the poetry & the music. The exercises & explorations were profound. I found myself able to hold space for all parts of my experience more fully than I’ve been able to before. And I had a lot of fun. I’ve felt supported, safe, unconditionally held by the group, the home, the place. As a result, I was able to look deeply & really go inside. Hearing my mind expressed by others is always illuminating in ways I couldn’t imagine experiencing alone”


Healing has begun, I remember that I am love, I have returned to love. I learned more from the other people’s experiences and sharing than I could have imagined.”


“Peaceful and life-changing. I have more love for my children and myself. I gained a feeling of belonging and tools at my fingertips to work through pain.


“This experience was an amazing bonus to a huge turning point in my life. It brought an awareness to all the love I have around me and have for myself all the time, which I sometimes forget. There is a profound importance to being reminded how wonderful life is, and for me this is the best place to do it.”


“Tremendous support, inspiration, guidance in uncovering the cause of unhappiness. I loved this workshop! Thanks to Tom for [his] skill, dedication, love. I feel free, up for life, equipped to handle whatever arises, and renewed love of this incredible life.


One of the most moving and life changing retreats that I have done. Having the time to let down and not do anything – to focus on the within and ask questions was of infinite value. I loved the intimate setting and the chance to ask questions with Tom made it such a personal experience. It helped me see more, be more honest, and go deeper into myself.”


I went through the eye of a needle.


“[I have] a deeper understanding of how to really do ‘The Work’ and a connectedness I haven’t felt in years.


“I do The Work pretty regularly with a phone buddy and this time, Tom’s guidance, love, and humour/joy – and the superb support of space and time – have opened me up for more than I imagined.”


“It’s revolutionized my life.”


“I loved meeting new friends. Everyone supported me and I was cared for. There was a sense of family. This retreat helped me go deeper and also helped me do The Work; understand it better.”


“[This retreat] was heart opening, soul opening and enriching. Tom took me from right and wrong to receiving the grace of life – I’m given another new day.


“Not sure words can capture how this experience has been – marvellous, sweet, blissful, humorous – beyond words…one of the deepest and most life changing experiences I’ve ever had.”


Pure Deliciousness! Space to sit, notice and be held while doing The Work.”


“I feel softer knowing/seeing the innocence of all of us.


“Deeper insights into the true nature of my real self were precious gifts I received through the support and facilitation of Tom and the entire group. This is one of the best means I know of to really examine fundamental beliefs and invite them to transform.


“[This retreat with Tom] has deepened my understanding of The Work and I feel reconnected to love, to God/The Source/Great Spirit and my true self. I am blessed with remembering my oneness.


Deeper and deeper immersion in The Work. Tom’s relentless love and clarity for my freedom. [I recommend this retreat] without hesitation, if you want more freedom.”


“Powerful, mind opening. I can see all the stories, thoughts and images which cover my true nature. And I like my feelings, emotions and thoughts – that’s me! Love understands anything.”


“This is possibly the most important part of my entire year. Can’t say how much this refills me with love/community/clarity.”


“I would absolutely recommend this retreat. Because it’s a beautiful setting, love abounds, and Tom is such a gentle, generous soul! He is a guide to be trusted.”


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