A Month of Inquiry – Private Sessions

Private2A month of Inquiry consists of:

  • Four weekly consecutive private sessions of The Work – one hour each
  • Email/Text support throughout.
  • One 30 min check in on week six.

Experience the benefits of implementing The Work as a practice in your life for a month.  Working together, and meditating on different moments in time, you will learn to notice for yourself what you’re thinking and believing, how it relates to all your suffering, and how to question those thoughts as a way of experiencing more joy and less stress in your life.  More connection and less conflict in your relationships.

At the end of the month, my intention is that you will have a clear understanding of how to sit in the four questions of The Work, write a worksheet, and have the ability to facilitate yourself through your stressful thinking.

This package is for people who want to learn how to do The Work on their own and develop a personal practice.

Two weeks after the month has finished, you will have a check in appointment in order to answer any clarifying questions that may have arisen.

NOTE:  This is a solid 4 week commitment to you.  Please ensure that you’ve checked your schedule ahead of time to reduce the chances of cancelling appointments on yourself.

Appointments are on the phone or on Skype.

For in person appointments, there may be travel cost added, depending on distance.

Cost: $400.00


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