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The ProBiz Centre is a collaborative working enterprise in Spruce Grove that supports entrepreneurs with education and support for those building a business and going after their dreams.

They also provide warm and inviting spaces to rent for workshops and events.  It’s a place that I’m proud to call my “home base” for business.  I love meeting with clients and holding my workshop circles there.

I have also teamed up with the ProBiz Centre to provide Self-Inquiry training and opportunities at reasonable rates for both members and non members of the centre.


Current Projects at ProBiz:

Transforming Your Money Beliefs Using Self Inquiry


Power Hour:  THURSDAY mornings starting Jan 10th, 9:30-10:30 AM at the ProBiz Centre!
A weekly group where we’ll be diving into and questioning our stressful beliefs about money.

Probiz Members: $5.00
Non Members: $10

Drop-ins welcome.


Money Talk: Thursday, January 24th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the ProBiz Centre
An introduction to Self-Inquiry and how it can be used to question our limiting beliefs about money.

ProBiz Members: $30.00
Non Members: $40.00



As we proceed into the new year with aspirations to improve our financial wellness and grow our business prosperously, it’s critical that we become aware of the roles our own financial attitudes and beliefs have in shaping our future.

Our beliefs can explain why some of us save, some of us spend, and some of us try to avoid money matters entirely.

These beliefs can be difficult to change. It’s in part because we’re not even aware of them and also because they’ve been so deeply ingrained as our money scripts, forging long held stories about ourselves and success.

These money stories are what’s going on behind the scenes when we have difficulty naming our value, asking for payment, or even managing our accounts. They either support or hinder our visions for our businesses.

Join Debbie Bridge in an exploration using inquiry and discussion into discovering your own limiting money beliefs. Together you will begin the process of transforming and then re-writing your money stories.

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