Emotional Relief for Moms

If you have frustration, stress or overwhelm around mothering of children of all ages this may be a circle for you.

“I was trying so hard to be the kind of mother I wish I had…”
“I bought all of the parenting books and spent years beating myself up for not being able to do what they said…”
“I cried myself to sleep because I didn’t want to be one of those ‘yelling moms’…”

Does this sound like you? OR Can you relate? Does this resonate with your own thoughts and feelings about being a mother?

I have two adult children and through my journey as a stay at home mom I went through many ups and downs.
Through self-inquiry, I learned compassion for myself, understanding for my own mother. I was finally able to put down my habit of self-blame and shame.

The mothering journey is complex. There is no right or wrong way.

It’s time to listen deeply and hold space for one another, in circle, together.
Let’s create a space where moms can share their struggles and their joys with unconditional acceptance.
Let’s experience the relief that comes with being heard, deeply.
Let’s connect with the healing power of women coming together.

6 Thursdays
March 14 – April 25 (no circle on Mar 21)
*The six week circle series will continue on a revolving basis.

Probiz Centre in Spruce Grove, AB

Valued at $200 for all six sessions
Secure your spot with etransfer to theworkwithdebbie@gmail.com password, emotions.


Key Benefits:
– Know that you’re not alone or crazy
– Develop an internal support system
– Find out what is really causing your stress and overwhelm
– Transform frustration into understanding for yourself and your children using a few simple questions

You will experience:
– being listened to fully and deeply
– a simple but profound inquiry process that will bring relief and understanding to difficult emotions

*Inquiry is a practice of meditative self-questioning. It’s not about fixing or getting rid of difficult thoughts/emotions. It’s about understanding and feeling them. When we understand our thoughts, suffering has a tendency to decrease in a very real and tangible way. Clarity happens and we can begin to meet ourselves and our children for the first time.

Topics that may arise:
– frustration around parenting
– worrying thoughts about the future
– struggles with the teen years including anger
– grief around empty nesting
– stress around adult children living at home
– angst around children who have substance abuse issues
– self blame, shame, guilt

This group is for you if:
– you’ve ever carried a child in your womb
– you have children in your care
– you are in a mothering role (you may be a foster parent, adoptive parent, step parent, aunty, grandma, etc)
– you identify as a mother in some way I haven’t listed above

Facilitator: Debbie Bridge

I have been practicing and training in Self-Inquiry for the past five years through immersive trainings with experts in the field. The Work of Byron Katie and Inquiry Based Coaching (IBC) are two of the methods I’ve been studying. I’ve also been studying and personally experiencing the transformative power of sharing circles. I’m eager to share both with you.

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