Grateful for Inquiry

A lovely evening on the road.
This is mine and my husband, Adrian’s, second trip to and from Indiana picking up RV trailers to deliver to dealerships here in Alberta.
It’s a LOT of together time, I tell ya. Five days, 14 hrs per day, in the truck. And we’ve done that twice in the last 2 weeks.
I’m so grateful for the Work and self inquiry I’ve done because I can honestly say that I feel closer to Adrian than I have in years!
I don’t think we would’ve survived these trips without it. 
Before The Work of Byron Katie I held all kinds of beliefs about ways in which Adrian should be different. I was blind to my part. I had become shut down and closed off to the sensitive, impassioned soul that is my husband.
With every thought I questioned, my feelings were allowed an opportunity to warm. And in that warm place, I could be vulnerable and lay down my sword of righteousness. Collaboration and connection is now much more available to both of us.
And even when we did have inevitable scratchy moments (I said 14hrs in the truck, remember) we recovered much more quickly. Both able to admit our part.
What an experience. So grateful.

Understanding Our OverReactive Parenting

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April 28, 29, and 30

Friday 7pm-9pm
Sat 9am-5pm
Sun 9-4

Do you tend to over-react emotionally to your child/teen/adult child/parent?

Would you like to learn how to transform the quality of your interactions?

In this workshop taught by Certified The Work Facilitator Tania Fierro and Assistant Facilitator Debbie Bridge, learn the essentials of how to create peaceful dialogue and communication.

At this workshop you will learn:
– Why understanding the source of your emotions is important
– How to build harmony with yourself and others
– How to feel and stay connected with the people you care about

– Friday, 7-9pm
– Saturday, 9-5pm
– Sunday, 9-4pm

– Earlybird registration before March 1 – $299
– Regular registration after March 1 – $349

If you haven’t heard of The Work of Byron Katie, we highly recommend learning about this incredible tool for self-inquiry and growth! to learn more

Learn more about Tania Fierro at and
Debbie Bridge at

Motivated by Love


A very kind teacher in the Work guided me to realize and trust in something about myself. Something I maybe once knew long ago but forgot. And that is…my own goodness. Trust in my own goodness and know that whatever I do I’m doing it from LOVE.
Yes. Even when I do that thing I’m ashamed of, I’m doing it from love. Because in my heart of hearts I know that I would never ever want to do harm. When I’m operating from fear or anger that’s not coming from my heart of hearts. That’s not coming from my true nature. That’s coming from confused thinking.
This realization, this knowing, has allowed me to let myself off the hook for so many wrong doings.
I still have remorse. I still make amends and things right where I can. And I still want people around me to feel supported and cared for. I just don’t have to go around with the weight of punishment on my back. And what is it serving anyway?
The more I trust in my own goodness and see and KNOW that I’m always motivated by love, the more I operate from that space.
And I feel so filled up inside as a result.

I’m Willing to Love You…


This beautiful drawing from Dharma Comics hit me in the gut. It gets to the heart of what loving those who aren’t in my life anymore feels like.

My parents aren’t physically with me but I am willing to continue loving them. From afar.
The irony is that when I’m willing to love them from afar, I realize it’s actually not that far. Bringing in the love and embracing the connection I feel makes them feel really close.

Dharma Comics has so many beautiful messages. I highly recommend checking them out.

A Timely Message from the Ashes

Acquaintances of mine lost their house to fire a few days ago. They’ve been kindly sharing their experience daily on a Facebook group. They’re a family of 9 (2 parents/7 children) and it’s been both sad and inspiring following their journey.
Yesterday, with the smoke and heat having settled, they were finally able to walk through the wreckage of their home.
They collected books, both old and new, and look what they found in the burnt out remains of a bedroom. A page to a book from 1915. This page so perfect in its message, a hundred years later, revealing its meaning to the family in a time of trial.

The Page

The message coupled with the scorched page touches my heart in a way that the touching feels literal not figurative.

I’m not a religious person. Going to the School for the Work last year and learning inquiry was a way for me to find me…and then, surprisingly, I also found God.

When I first started explaining the three kinds of “business” to people (your business, my business and God’s business), I used to only give God things like tsunamis/bad weather. And then last summer during a retreat, a click happened when the question was asked:

“Is it true that you have control over your life…even a little bit?
I have even some control- is that true?”

My first was reaction was YES!  I mean…okay, of course, not complete control but SOME surely.  I decide.  I make things happy.  I have personal power.  Ra ra ra, and all that.  I wanted to assert that to the group but as is the way of self reflective inquiry I chose to look deeper.  Sitting in the quiet meditation of that question, I noticed something else begin to surface.  A tentative answer that I wasn’t expecting.  No.  It’s not true that I have even some control.  Instead of pushing it away as nonsense I allowed it to emerge.  It was actually a possibility of ‘no‘ that opened up inside rather than a fully formed acceptance of that declaration.  Allowing in the quiet possibility of ‘no’, made a significant crack in the concrete foundation of “This is MY life.”
Katie often says, “Don’t believe me – test it for yourself.  So, 
I’ve been doing just that.

And, of course, since then I continue to find more and more ‘business’ to give over to God. Eventually, I suspect I’ll discover what a friend told me over a year ago, that there is actually only one kind of business – God’s business. Full stop.
Until then, while doing the Work and living this life, I’ll continue to look for God’s business, letting each new discovery settle into my heart. When sitting in inquiry I ask, what part of this is God’s business?  I have to ask because it’s often elusive to me at first but then low and behold…the answer shows up in a quiet whisper. And instead of shushing it, I listen. I listen until the noise of the obvious “This, too, is God’s business” is so loud that I’m astounded that, yet again, I had missed it.

This scorched page, found in the rubble of a burnt out home, is a confirmation of my own journey.  It was a timely discovery for the dear family and I’m thankful they shared it.  A message from the ashes of their home to my heart.