Subservience…How Exquisitely Innocent

That word “subservient”…. When I wake up to one of my “stories” and reflect on the experience, “subservient” rightly encompasses my feeling. I can be subservient to my thoughts and beliefs.  I can be subservient to my self-inflicted pain, hurt, and suffering.  To my misonceptions.  I can be – oh so – subservient to my perceptionsContinue reading “Subservience…How Exquisitely Innocent”

What if I was perfect just as I am? Who would I be?

What if everything about you was perfect just the way it is…right now? What if you couldn’t possibly think that there was anything wrong with you…or that anything needed improving? What would life be like? How would you go about your day? When I believe that there’s something wrong with me I feel deep dissatisfactionContinue reading “What if I was perfect just as I am? Who would I be?”

I Choose Peace…Except When I Don’t

Over the last few years, there’s been a paradigm shift about how I view my role as a parent. I know the adage, “train them up” and all of that. And perhaps like all sayings of this sort this one has been skewed by some from the original intent. I just feel in my bones thatContinue reading “I Choose Peace…Except When I Don’t”

“Learn from your mistakes and then let them go.”

I love this. So often I notice that when I parent I operate out of previous guilt or future worries. Rarely am I in the HERE and NOW. In this moment. Sadly I have been (can still be) a yeller in my parenting. It pains me to recall the times that I have put myContinue reading ““Learn from your mistakes and then let them go.””