My Journey

946129_10153284991776053_3228321335051735189_nSeveral years ago I was introduced to Byron Katie’s book, “Loving What Is”.  It came at just the right time.  I had two teenage children and there were all kinds of stressful thoughts whirling around in my head.

For example, I really believed that my 13 year old daughter should take my very wise 40 year old advice.  But, of course, she didn’t want to; she actually wanted to figure out things on her own.  I was hurt when she shunned me.  Thankfully, when I questioned, “she should listen to my wisdom”, I learned how much that was untrue. In fact, I missed how much I should listen to her wisdom.  And how much she should listen to her own.
This was the beginning of my journey with The Work and self-inquiry.

Stressful feelings are valid and when allowed to flow through and given space to be felt they leave us.  Sometimes, however, when really attached to particular thoughts they become like obstacles in our lives to joy.  Questioning those thoughts, give us an opportunity to see them from different perspectives and often notice their falseness.  Which brings us relief and even freedom.

It’s become my passion to share the power of inquiry with others so that they can experience the same relief and clarity.

I graduated from the School for the Work in Oct, 2014. I have since attended several workshops, classes, training seminars, and retreats. I love this method of self-inquiry and look forward to sharing this work with others.

As a trained facilitator, I provide workshops and private one-on-one sessions.

Please, email me for more information.

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