Motivated by Love


A very kind teacher in the Work guided me to realize and trust in something about myself. Something I maybe once knew long ago but forgot. And that is…my own goodness. Trust in my own goodness and know that whatever I do I’m doing it from LOVE.
Yes. Even when I do that thing I’m ashamed of, I’m doing it from love. Because in my heart of hearts I know that I would never ever want to do harm. When I’m operating from fear or anger that’s not coming from my heart of hearts. That’s not coming from my true nature. That’s coming from confused thinking.
This realization, this knowing, has allowed me to let myself off the hook for so many wrong doings.
I still have remorse. I still make amends and things right where I can. And I still want people around me to feel supported and cared for. I just don’t have to go around with the weight of punishment on my back. And what is it serving anyway?
The more I trust in my own goodness and see and KNOW that I’m always motivated by love, the more I operate from that space.
And I feel so filled up inside as a result.

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  1. Glen says:

    This is so well said Deb. Thanks.

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