Flip It

I absolutely love looking at things in a radically different way.  I love when after seeing life one way for years, something (a conversation, event, etc) happens that causes me to see it completely differently.  It’s a mind blowing – mind growing – experience.  It’s invigorating.  And, conversely, it can be exhausting as years of poisonous beliefs dissolve. I’m often physically blown back in my chair and can’t help but exclaim…”WHOAAAA”.  

These can be perceived as minor things. Not seeing the dishes all over my kitchen counter as a disastrous mess, for instance, but as lovely evidence of our abundance.  (this was actually no minor thing for me).  They can also be bigger concepts like, “My child needs to earn my trust.” flipped to “My child does NOT need to earn my trust.”  Say whhuuuut?  To even bigger concepts about our world.

Take something – anything – any thought or belief (one that’s stresses or even merely irks you) and just flip it to the opposite.  “My kitchen is a disaster” could become “My kitchen is lovely.”  “These people aren’t being helpful” could become “These people are being helpful”.  Try it on and blow your mind.  It sometimes requires stillness to see what your own judgments are trying to teach you.  You may even find that your mind’s first instinct is to rail against it.  NOOOO!  That’s ridiculous.  And I invite you to flip that ‘no’ and just TRY ‘yes’…for even a moment.

It’s a wondrously exciting trip.  As an amazing woman  just recently said: “It’s like reality has permission to live again.”

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