Willing to Fail

It’s that deep down, terrifying vulnerability that is at the heart of the stories I believe in life. Stories like, “he/she was rude to me”, “they shouldn’t talk to me like that”, “I need him/her to apologize”, “I want to be liked or approved of” and (one I use often), “they are being so inconsiderate!”.  Mmm. And then there’s: I’m afraid they’ll judge me. I’ve done some work on that last one while getting ready for the play I’m a part of at the moment.

I am amazed at the sweet, bone wrenching vulnerability I found within me when I contemplated who I might be, standing on that stage, while NOT having the ability to think “they will judge me”.  I was expecting exhilaration yet what I noticed was naked, unprotected, vulnerable me.

Wow. It just hit me. I wonder if that’s why we have those “naked dreams” when we feel nervous about something. Perhaps it’s not something to fight or feel worried over. Perhaps it’s our subconscious getting us ready to be who we NEED to be – who we really are – in those moments. Our true natures. Open. Vulnerable. Willing to lay it all on the line. And willing to fail again and again. Imagine that…because the hard hearted alternative living from a space of “not willing to fail” may be a life closed off to everything that can bring joy and love.

Willing to fail.

A powerfully vulnerable statement.

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