What if I was perfect just as I am? Who would I be?


What if everything about you was perfect just the way it is…right now?
What if you couldn’t possibly think that there was anything wrong with you…or that anything needed improving?
What would life be like? How would you go about your day?

When I believe that there’s something wrong with me I feel deep dissatisfaction and despair.  Hopelessness.  Resignation even.  Constant comparison to others.  “Reading other people’s minds” – believing that they’re judging me.  Getting into their business.  This is an old feeling dating back as far as I can remember.  I have glimpses of memories – back when I didn’t believe there was anything wrong with me but they’re so fleeting that they’re more like dreams.  The kinds of dreams that when you try to bring them into sharper focus, they fade more rapidly.  I notice that when I believe these thoughts I judge others more readily.  I make myself feel better by finding fault in them.  Sad…but true.

So…what if I didn’t believe I needed improving.  What if I was perfect just as I am?  Looking behind those thoughts are like pulling aside an iron curtain.  What is on the other side of constant self criticism?
The world looks brighter.  Lighter.  I have a little more energy.  I feel like nourishing myself with good foods.  I feel like going outside and spreading my arms to the sky and twirling like a little girl.  If there was no goal – no magic number on a scale to reach – I could just be ME.  I could just BE. I could notice what my body craves and answer with love and compassion.

I could be free.

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